Shopping centers, retail parks, mixed developments, outlets, urban planning, shop design. SAGERarchitect will work within all areas of the retail industry, both in the very overall planning and the more detailed interior design, signage etc.


Charlotte Sager will be able to attend as purely consultant, helping out on others projects, as well as planning, designing and carrying out projects on a full scale. Therefore the company is also competently dealing with 1:1 projects.




Architect for + 25 years in the retail industry

"Having worked many years as an architect and project manager in the retail industry, I have obtained a profound basic insight knowledge concerning all aspects of the retail industry, ranging all the way from the actual project, trends, marketplace, tenants to the political/official demands "



"From now on identity and characteristic will be increasingly more important in an era of heavy competition from e-commerce, more providers and other sales platforms. As a result the importance of finding a unique identity for each individual shopping center is absolute. It is not enough to say: This is a family-oriented shopping center"







SAGERarchitect - v. Charlotte Sager - Adress: Nannasgade 28 - Cph. NV - Denmark - Phone + 45 26 85 13 88 - Mail : cs@sagerarchitect.dk